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Magic Forgotten

A paraplegic writer and a human wizardess must save the Earth from an invasion of Elves.

Dan Braden’s life was comfortable, sort of.

A motor vehicle accident may have robbed him of the use of his legs, but his wheelchair skills were second only to his writer skills. His home office was second to none and he played the keys like a virtuoso.

Then two strangers appeared in his yard. One a Sidhe, the long lost elves of Britain and the other a wizardess, a human whose family had been stolen to accompany the Sidhe and provide them the power for magical spells.

The Sidhe were coming back- with plans to rule the world.

They made one mistake: Take generations of humans and teach them Sidhe magic for hundreds of years and you get humans who are REALLY good at working magic. Combat magic.

Dan liked his world the way it was, problems and all, so together with the wizardess, Thook, they defeated the Sidhe and sent him home to Albion.

Dan married Thook. But the Sidhe returned to drag her away. Now the Sidhe had two problems: A female wizard ready to destroy them and a really pissed off husband carrying deadly Iron.

Now Dan must find a way to rescue his wife, and with her help stop the Sidhe invasion.

For a man shut up in his house for several years, Dan now finds himself thrust into another worldand must recruit helpers in his quest all the while find Thook and save her from the Sidhe draining her life force.

Nobody said life was easy, and Dan should know.

Updated on September 12, 2017 by Jack Hillman