Diversity in Subject Matter

Available for Speaking Appearances, Story Telling, or Contract Writing Services.

If you’re looking for an article, a story or a speaker, Jack might be just the person to help you out.

Below is a partial list of some of the projects Jack has worked on over the years. And there are probably others, related and otherwise, that might be of interest to this truly Renaissance Man. When in doubt, drop Jack a note and ask!

Creative Professional Services

Providing Creative Professional Services to a Variety of Clients

  • Creative Consulting Service
  • Article Writing and Editing
  • Short Storywriting
  • Speech Writing
  • Speaking
  • Hourly and Project Rates Available

Writing Projects

On the Subject of Writing

  • Why We Write!
  • How to Plot A Story!
  • Characters And Charisma!
  • The Epic Quest!
  • Myth and Magic!
  • Research- The Key To Believability!
  • Marketing Your Work!
  • The Proper Use Of Weapons!
  • World Building 101!
  • The Science Of Science Fiction!
  • How To Use Magical Weapons!
  • Business Writing Pays!

Weapon Projects

On the Subjects of Weapons

  • Okinawa Kenpo
  • The Art Of Fencing
  • Broadsword, Battleaxe, and Ballistae
  • Medieval Fortifications
  • The Code Of Chivalry
  • The Psychology Of Combat
  • Forging A Sword
  • The Sword Is The Mind
  • From Club To Cruise Missile

Insurance Related Projects

Insurance Related Subjects

  • Life insurance basics
  • Health insurance basics
  • Auto insurance basics
  • Homeowners insurance basics
  • How to file health claims
  • How to file auto claims
  • How to file homeowners claims
  • Medicare and how it works
  • Medicare supplements and how they work
  • Fraud- The Cancer Of The Insurance Industry
  • Life Settlements- A New Breed of Life Sales
  • Long Term Care insurance and how it works